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Report for Lutheran Women of Qld. Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast Zone Rally Day

Report for Lutheran Women of Qld. Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast Zone Rally Day, Wed 6th April, 2022,  Held at St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Nundah.

2 Timothy 1:7 “For the Spirit God gave us, does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. ”This is the text that our Zone Executive chose for the combined Retreat/Convention in July, 2020.Due to COVID, it was cancelled. Zone members wrote some Bible studies on courageous women in the Bible and how they adapted to changes in their lives. The theme for today is on New Beginnings. We have had a difficult past two years but we have managed to continue to stay courageous through it all, and now we pray that God will give us his Spirit to move into a new beginning. Think about how we have operated in the past. Is it the way we want to continue, or do we need to think about how we can change and meet the needs of women today? I don’t have the answers to these questions but encourage you all to consider how we can better reach out to others.

We have changed Rally and Fellowship days to half days. Perhaps we can circulate reports prior to the Rally days to save time. It has been difficult to cater for these events due to COVID. We have adapted by everyone bringing their own lunch. Maybe we could also do something similar for morning teas. Should we consider Zone Retreats, instead of State retreats.

On a positive note, may I commend all of the Fellowships for their support and seeking ways to continue to meet together, studying God’s word and helping each other through the hard times. It has been reassuring to read through the activities and financial assistance that they have given to the LWA and LWQ projects as well as local charities. I wish to thank all those who have taken on executive positions and tried to plan programmes throughout COVID 19. I know many things had to be cancelled, but they have stayed strong and courageous.

This will be my last President’s report. May I thank you all for the opportunity to serve in this role since 2016. Prior to that I served as Zone Secretary. I have enjoyed learning about the role of Fellowships/Guilds over that time. I have been very impressed with the work that has been done over the years, to financially support the foundation of Lutheran Early Childhood Centres, Schools and Colleges and Aged Care facilities, as well as many other areas. It would be difficult to know just how many cake stalls and other fund raisers were undertaken to financially support all of these institutions. There was also financial assistance to Missions, both here in Australia and overseas.  This year, Caloundra will celebrate 50 years of operation. Many in the Zone have operated for a similar number of years and I commend you all on that achievement. God has richly blessed your efforts. Finally I wish to thank the Zone Executive ladies and Clergy, who have supported my role and given direction for your Rally and Fellowship days as well as Retreats. I thank God that he has given me this position of responsibility and the opportunity for me to serve in a “new role” in my life, over the past nine years. I believe that God will continue to watch over us all, and direct our paths.

A huge “Thank you” to the Nundah ladies today for hosting the Rally day.

Mark your diaries for Zone Fellowship day to be held at Everton Hills on Tuesday 20th Sept.

Judith Smyth (President)

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