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100th Birthday Celebration at Good Shepard, Toowoomba

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Esther Frohloff
Esther Frohloff

‘What’s The Secret’
People say ‘What’s the secret’?  I say no secret. ‘By the Grace of God, he has brought me so far, so I give Him thanks  and praise for all His love to me,’ Esther Frohloff.

Esther celebrated her 100th birthday with an open house at Good Shepherd Lutheran Hall Toowoomba with family and friends in May 2016. Nieces, nephews and friends travelled from as far away as Mackay and Melbourne, as well as all over Queensland to help her celebrate. Before the cutting of the cake, Pastor H. Krenske  (nephew) held a small devotion in the church, basing his address on Psalm 103 and then singing ‘O Bless the Lord my Soul’, ‘When all thy Mercies, O my God’ and ‘Now Thanks we all our God’. Esther says it was lovely to catch up with so many relatives and friends for such a happy occasion. A big thank you to you all for your love and good wishes.

Esther is a member of Good Shepherd Ladies Fellowship and Congregation Toowoomba Queensland.
Lois Schultz

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