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2019 Darling Downs Zone Fellowship Day Report

September 5th 2019

Did you know that you are a very special person for a very special purpose?

This is because of God’s various gifts to each of us through the same Spirit. Rev Raymond Pace from Good Shepherd Toowoomba, reiterated this message theme through his Bible Study from 1 Corinth 12:1-11 to the 58 persons gathered for the Darling Downs Zone Fellowship Day hosted by by Good Shepherd Ladies. We are all special in God’s sight, not because of our talents, skills, hopes or desires but filled with the Holy Spirit we serve God’s purpose.

We were entertained with an action song by Grade 1 pupils (see above) from the Warwick St Campus of Concordia Lutheran Primary School; and also by talented flautist Katy Kucks accompanied by Marcia Ruhle. We heard from Redeemer Bookshop; the Pastoral Care Hospital visiting program to local hospital and Aged Care facilities by Charlie Uebergang; Kaylene Stehn told of the workings and monetary giving’s of the Good Samaritan Bargain Shop, Bowen St, Toowoomba, operating for the last 42 years; loyal Lutherans For Life advocate Joy Wurst, urging us to write to our local members asking that government monies be spent on improving Palliative Care and not on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Scheme (VAD); and President Karen shared LWQ State happenings.

Guest Speaker Leslie Kennedy

We heard stories from a ‘Pyjama Angel’ Leslie Kennedy – a volunteer from the Pyjama Foundation who visits foster children in their home; assisting them with reading, writing, homework (or whatever may arise), and committing to twelve months which ensures consistent love and support and creates a positive one-on-one relationship. The $890 offering was shared between this Foundation and current DDZ Projects.

Our new Spiritual Advisor, Ps Mark Demmer, St Paul’s, Toowoomba, was installed and performed his first official duties in presenting the Opening and Closing Devotions. Discussing ‘faith based solutions to secular problems’ through the feeding of the 5000 (Matt 14:13-21). We don’t always allow God to be God and get anxious about things that are God’s regime. He closed with Luke 14:25-33, “The cost of being a disciple”. Continue to be faithful and to walk along the path where Jesus leads for us to follow.

Our theme display

The theme was visually depicted (see image above) with the cross as the focal point; the white dove (Holy Spirit—the giver of gifts), the royal purple cloth (kingdom of God), the three (Trinity) green (life) ribbons descending from the cross to the gold (precious/ special) lamp placed at the foot of the cross with its unusual shape signifying each one of us. As the main purpose of the lamp is to be lit to be seen, so we too let God’s special purpose in our lives be seen and experienced by others around us.

Avalon Hall

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