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Darling Downs Fellowship Day 2021

Darling Downs Fellowship Day (Tues 31st August 2021) was held at Saint Marks Dalby with the theme ‘God in the Outback’.  The lovely display was created by Christine Von Pein and granddaughter Heidi.

51 people attended the day. Pastor Mark Demmer opened with a devotion from Genesis 12.   Do you put your faith and trust in God to lead you? When you do He will shape you and draw you closer to Him to do His bidding.

Pastor Joel Pukallu

Pastor Joel Pukallus challenged us to sit and meditate in a quiet place to hear and see God in his creation. Is there a God in the outback where it is so arid? Yes, he is everywhere in the land, sea and sky, even in the uniqueness of the flora and wildlife of the outback.  You will find him not only in his artistry of nature but through the scriptures.

Guest Speaker: Ken Von Pein

Ken VonPein and Vicki Schuurs, Guest Speakers, both took up God’s bidding when called to serve. Ken, a retired farmer from Kogan started the Diaspora Mission serving the people west of Dalby through baptism, funerals, confirmation and preaching of the gospel. Through mentoring, relationships and context he has been very successful in sharing and witnessing not only to Lutheran but to other church denominations. Ken is now throwing out the challenge for a younger person to take over from what God has enabled him to accomplish.

Guest Speaker: Vicki Schuurs with a donated quilt

In July 2019, Vicki (who was on the Ministry & Mission Board) took up God’s calling when she was approached by the LCAQD Ministry & Mission Dept. asking for ideas of how to distribute money that was donated to a drought appeal. Through this, Drought Aid Queensland was started. She has witnessed God’s love being shared with those who  were very much down and out not only mentally but physically too, through care packs, pamper packs, Christmas packs, crates of hope and back to school funding. Her work is stilling ongoing.  65% of Queensland is still drought declared. At least $50,000 has been distributed this year. But following drought come floods and fires where she is able to share the love of God to them.  Within these packs a small pocket prayer and tracts are included. Donations of everyday personal items from handmade soaps to crochet rug and quilts are still required to make up these packs.  Stories and photos and are welcomed too. Vicki launched a devotion book ‘Rural Reflection’ which can be purchased for $20 from the website in support of Drought Aid Queensland

The day closed with a devotion from ‘Rural Reflection’ – ‘Where is the Outback?’  Toowoomba? No west – Dalby? No west – okay then Emerald? No west – well then Longreach? No west. It does not matter where you are, the outback is west of you and God is the same there as He is here.  HE IS WITH US ALL.

God be with you all

God bless,
Cheryl Peters

Edited by Lois Schultz

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