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Held at St. Pauls Lutheran Church TOOWOOMBA.

THEME: What R U Worth?

Matthew 10:31 “So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows”


The quintessential Toowoomba weather of Fog, drizzle, wind and cold did nothing to dampen the spirits of the 76 attendees to Friendship Day (although, unfortunately, one did suffer a severe asthma attack and had to go home early to recover in the warmth of her own home).

Members of the Darling Downs Zone Executive greeted travellers with a warm cuppa and time for a chat as we met up with friends kept apart by Covid during the last years of cancellations.

Val Cath welcoming everyone.

Our day began in the beautifully refurbished St. Paul’s Church, unfortunately we didn’t see the sunshine through the wall of Stained Glass windows. We were given an explanation of the windows in our “gift bags”. Warmly welcomed by Val Cath President of our hosts for the day Darling Downs Zone. LWQ Pres. Shirley Horrigan and Pr. Mark Demmer.


After the Theme song “My worth is not in what I own”. A service including Holy Communion set the tone for the day. Pastor Demmer gave the address based on Matt 10:29 “So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows” The offering for the day $1,105.00 was donated to LCA International Mission – earmarked: “Thailand”.  We were privileged to have in attendance LWA Vice-President and part of the new Editorial Team of L W Magazine Editor, Maureen Turner. Maureen greeted us with “Be strong in the Lord.”  Eph 6: 10 and gave us an update on happenings with the LWA Committee and the taking over from L L L the organisation of the Magazine, which is now running smoothly with posting out individually to members.


Pam Flesser , LWQ Newsletter Editor Introduced herself and asked that whoever could, to pick up their copy of the June newsletter thus saving on postage and not to forget to send in any stories of interest to share with others. Pam asked the DDZ ladies to come forward to participate in a LEFT/RIGHT game to introduce our hosts for the day and make sure we were all awake and brain cells working. Pastor Mark lead us in Bible Study from Matthew 10. How much are you worth? And the context of the Passage and God’s intention in regard to our worth. How do we put a worth on anything – How is worth measured? Jesus went through death for us, because we are worth it. We live by faith that in time God will hear our prayers and answer them.

After a break for morning tea Joy Wurst led us with praise time singing “If I were a butterfly” and “I am covered over with the robe of righteousness that Jesus gives to me”.

Pastor Simon Mackenzie

Pastor Simon Mackenzie our Guest speaker was introduced and we sang “Sent out by God’s Blessing”. Pastor Matthew recounted how in 2013 he experienced a sense of culture shock. Serving in Thailand and learning there are many different dialects in Thailand also how the people of Thailand are basicly shy as when they see foreigners they always want to take something, but God only gives. The gospel raises people up, we come not to take but to offer. Jesus is us working for Him. Our true identity is in Christ. The spirit Doctor became a Christian. God gives us our worth. Trust in Him.

Guest Speakers: Brad Teakle and Cath Zarnke

After lunch spot speakers :- Cath Zarnke an English teacher spoke on life in New Guinea “Call to Mission”. Pray for safety, wisdom, spiritual and financial support for mission work in New Guinea.

Brad Teakle spoke on life at Googa (Outdoor Education Centre) camp for Secondary School students who attend a four week block of experiences of outdoor education as well as furthering their Christian faith, with the motto “Growing deep in community – growing deep in God”. After they get used to someone not picking up their bags and doing their own washing, cooking their own meals etc. etc. they do enjoy the experience.  Brad closed the day with a verse written by a student who wrote these words down about attending camp.

Nibblies and drinks set the tone for the evening dinner prepared and served by the Ladies of Glencoe Fellowship. We were entertained with background piano music during Dinner by John Vaschina. Poems/Quips and Christmas Song Bingo was the entertainment enjoyed by all.

Joy Wurst concluded the evening by again reminding us that God values us, We are the Body of Christ each one has a part,  “We are worth more than many Sparrows”  and a prayer that God may show us that Christ will strengthen us through the Holy Spirit.


A Christmas Blessing – “May the Feet of God walk with you, and His hand hold you tight”. Concluded a very friendly gathering of Christian Ladies & Gentlemen for our first (One Day Retreat).


God be praised till we meet again.

Reporter Pam Flesser.

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