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Darling Downs Zone Fellowship Day


Reach out with Love. Bible Ref : 1 John 4 : 10-11.

The hosts of the Fellowship Day held at St. Peters Lutheran Church, Warwick, certainly ‘reached out in love’ to welcome the fifty people who attended on an overcast, wet day. We were greeted in the hall with small tables and comfortable chairs all set up, tables groaning with delicious food and urns steaming ready for a lovely hot ‘cuppa’.

On moving to the Church we all received two paper hands. We were asked to choose a theme from the posters on the walls and write on our hands how we felt we can be the hands of Jesus. The themes included hospitality, refuge, strengthening the Church family, Christian messages, disability, compassion, messy church for families, and sponsorship to educate an Asian child. Our hands were later added to the posters.



The official welcomes, the opening devotion led by Joy Wurst, and the closing devotion led by Pastor  Robin Hoffmann were centred on how God’s love first comes down to us, reaching out in love to us. If we let that love reach our heart, it will help us to ‘reach out in love’ to others.

Pastor Henderson challenged us during the Bible study by asking ‘What is this love?’ ‘How does God demonstrate his love for us?’ ‘How do we ‘reach out’ with this love – God’s love- to others?’  He explained that the English language is impoverished when it comes to words for love, so he dealt with affection, friendship, eros (in love), and charity ( agape).  God’s love for us an active love – He sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Jesus offered himself for us and took away the wrath of God from us. How do we as individuals and congregations ‘reach out’ to others with God’s love?

The ‘Spot Speaker’s’ included Joy Wurst (Lutherans for Life) who spoke about the abortion bill currently before the Qld Parliament, and Ros von Hoff (LWQ  Treasurer) who spoke about the LWQ Convention.
The Guest speakers certainly showed us all how they used situations to ‘reach out’ to others in love’. Alison Baistow from the Uniting Church explained how they saw a need to help those attending the Warwick court. The Church volunteers serve them a ‘cuppa’ as they have to wait to be called into Court, and also offer child minding and a ‘listening ear’.

Maritta Hutley and Amanda Nothdurft saw needs during the Warwick floods in 2013 and also the drought stricken farmers around Longreach so they and others have ‘reached out’ with helping hands by running a food van that travels to where people are needy. This van still travels to Longreach twice a year. Funds are raised by catering at local events. Maritta also explained about the ‘Days for Girls’ programme which helps girls and women in 3rd world countries.

We were entertained by a skit about market research on class distinction. Mrs. Upper Crust, Mrs Average, Miss Career Girl and Mrs. Hard Up certainly had us laughing as they answered the Researcher’s questions.

We enjoyed singing, fellowship, shopping at the Redeemer bookshop and helping with our offerings of $813.60 which was shared by the Courthouse Cuppa, Community Disaster Relief Van and ALWS Drought relief in Africa.

Thank you to Warwick and Our Saviours Guild, Toowoomba, for organising the day for us to enjoy.
Ruth Fritsch.

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