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56th Darling Downs Rally

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, HADEN

THEME – Follow Me”

Text: John : 8:12

On a pleasant  summer day on February 16th 2024, 50 members visitors & Pastors attended the 56th Darling Downs Zone Rally at Haden. The dedicated members of Haden Guild made us all feel welcome, and provided a great venue in the church with the beautiful stained glass windows. The Rally theme was around John 8:12 “Follow Me”. The morning commenced with Morning Tea, followed by a warm welcome from Haden Guild President, Dianne Brown, and LWQDDZ 1st Vice President Cheryl Peters then singing the song ‘Follow Me’.

Pastor Mark Demmer (DDZ Counsellor) presented his Devotion on John 8:12 “l am the Light of the World, whoever follows me will not walk in darkness” – We were encouraged to not only FOLLOW Christ, but to lead others to Him too.

 Numerous apologies were received including  Jenny Stollznow (DDZ President), Val Kath (LWQ President) and Pam Flesser (LWQ Newsletter Editor).

Bible Study lead by: Hazel Weis

A comprehensive Bible Study was very capably presented by Hazel Weis, based on John 8:12. From William Barclay’s study of John’s Gospel, he gives the Greek word for ‘to follow’ (akoloutein) as having five meanings, with the application to Christians as follows: The Christian is:

  1. the soldier whose commander is Christ;
  2. the slave whose joy it is always to serve Christ;
  3. the man who guides his life and conduct to the counsel of Christ;
  4. the citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, and he has accepted the law of the Kingdom and the law of Christ as the law which governs his life; or
  5. the man who has understood the meaning of the teaching of Christ.

For each meaning, Bible references were given, added to and discussed, then challenged to suggest how do we see a Christian being a follower in this sense today?

The offering of $755 was shared equally between the new DDZ Proiect (LCAQD Rural and Regional Hardship Fund), and Uniforms 4 Kids.

Guest Speaker: Anne McDonald

The Guest Speaker for the day was Anne McDonald, who as a retired Qld Police Officer (former Assistant Commissioner – Northern Region) co-founded Uniforms 4 Kids. Over 53,500 items of clothing, dolls,’Hug Me’ Bears, library bags, etc made by over 400 volunteer sewing machine operators, have been donated since it’s inception. The items are donated to abused children, children involved in DV, and children affected by natural disaster, house fires, etc. All items contain 50% of recycled uniform material, plus discounted or donated new fabric & trims. The services involved in donating the Uniforms include: Qld Police; Aust Federal Police; Australia Zoo; Qld Ambulance; QFES; RFDS; Aust Border Force; NSW Police & 5ES; Vic Ambulance

Uniform for Kids

The election saw most ladies continue in their roles. Acknowledgement and Thanks to Gloria Hamilton {retiring as an Extra Member}, and welcome Lois Schultz into this role. We sincerely thank & support these ladies.

Loretta Voll, Cheryl Peters (1st Vice President (DDZone), Rhonda Pukallus, June Wolski, Judy Fitch, Debbie Gotz, Hazel Weis (DDZone Secretary)

President: Jenny Stollznow

1st vice President: Cheryl Peters

2nd Vice President: Val Kath

Secretary: Hazel Weis

Treasurer: Avalon Hall

Extra Members: Joy Wurst, Cheryl Vonhoff,  Robyn Williams, Lois Schultz

Unfortunately, Pastor Demmer was called away, so the Installation of Office Bearers was unable to go ahead on the day.

Cheryl Peters presented the Closing Devotion, and the day concluded with fellowship over BYO lunch.

Submitted by Michelle Szepanowski, Glencoe.

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