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Brisbane South & Gold Coast Zone 2019 Rally Report

The floral displays incorporated chocolates in amongst the flowers.

“Life is Like a Box of Chocolates” was the theme of the day. A beautiful day…plenty of sunshine….much fellowship.

After morning tea in the foyer of Bethania Lutheran Church we moved into the Church, with seating around tables. President of Bethania Ladies fellowship Chris McDermott welcomed everyone. 50 ladies from the BS&GC Zone & ladies from LWQ plus 4 gentlemen gathered. BS&GC Pres Naomi Marks welcomed visitors and opened the rally with us singing “All Creatures of Our God and King” to start the day.

Zone Counsellor Pastor Peter Laihia based his devotion on Matthew 7:7,8 Knock and the door will be open; What have we been asking? We have a prosperous country, reasonable income, protection for family & funds. God gives abundantly and generously. Thank you, God. Life is Like a Box of Chocolates theme can be likened to Jeremiah 29:11 I know the plans I have for you…He knows us better than we do. His plans are unique for us. You do not know what you get until you open them. He gives us hope and a future. Our goal: eternity in heaven. Pastor Peter played an audio from the movie Forrest Gump at the bus stop offering chocolates to a lady, where he said, “My Mum always said Life is Like a Box of Chocolates you never know what you are going to get”. He went on to say to the lady “You have red shoes, shoes tell a lot…where they go, where they have been”. It was polite of Forrest to offer his chocolates. We can keep offering the Word of God…we want others to hear the Gospel of the Lord and our eternal gift. Ask and it will be given to you as you share ‘where & when’ with others.

Saved to Serve…

Reports from Bishop Paul Smith informing us of news from the Qld District and

LWQ President Karen Bryce gave her report.

Our 2019 Retreat was organised by BS&GC Zone and I thank you all for your excellent contribution. It was a buzz of a time. In attendance 101 with offering for the LCAQD Flood Townsville at $2300.

Beautiful Floral Display – can you spot the chocolates?!

LWQ executive held their meeting on 8th March. At this meeting guidelines were set for the Combined Convention/Retreat to be held on 17th to 19th July 2020 @Maroochy Waterfront Camp and Conference Centre. The rooms are twin single, each have an ensuite. Better still all is on the one level and on flat ground. The conference room is very large and should accommodate us for all our usual retreat activities. The convention portion of this weekend will be for the 2hour timeslot after Saturday Lunch. We are planning a separate programme for the men who will be in attendance. Please pray for the Brisbane North and Sunshine coast women who will be the hosts along with West Moreton Zone.

Singing “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God” brought about the offering for the day. $600 will be forwarded to the BS&GC Zone Project 2019 – PNG Solar Panels.

The business session followed, with Adoption of 2018 Minutes; Adoption of President’s Report; Adoption of Treasurers Report.

The elected office bearers for 2019 were elected to the following positions.

President: Naomi Marks; 1st Vice President: Sharon Tegan; 2nd Vice President: Karen Hauser; Secretary: Kaye Rossmann; Treasurer: Tricia Keddie; Extra Members: Shirley Hardke & Leanne Kopp-Verdier

Pastor Peter Laihia installed the new BS&GC Executive for 2019.

Bishop Paul Smith installed Pastor Peter Laihia as BS&GC Zone Counsellor.

In Memory of 6 members who passed this year we sang “Yours is the Glory”.

We all enjoyed an ACTIVITY: ‘Life is like a Box of Chocolates’ – Sharon Tegan lead us step by step in making our very own box of chocolates flower arrangement. A box of chocolates to share with others.

The delightful boxes of chocolate!

Karen Stiller shared with us a brief ‘History of Chocolate’. After which Kaye Rossmann bought us a beautiful box of thankyous.

We sang our last song, “One more Step along the Way I go”. Then in closing  

Pastor Peter Laihia thanked us as a Zone and let us know, he appreciates you in BS&GC Zone, LWQ & LWA for all the work that he sees you do. The gold hearts in our bouquets we made today reminders me of hearts of gold and good work that we do. This Lent we are reminded of Christ our crucified Lord and His good work.

The morning concluded with grace and Lunch hosted by Bethania Ladies Fellowship.

A great day of surprises & gifts in a box.

Report by Karen Hauser

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