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Retiring President’s Report

Today is a day I was beginning to think may never happen. With 2 cancelled conventions the business of LWQ has been in abeyance for an extended amount of time. My term as your President is almost 8 years. All of these years have been a time of blessings and opportunities to grow in faith and friendships. The recruitment of Pam as Newsletter Editor has opened up an opportunity to move forward and attend to the business of Lutheran Women. Thank you Pam I know you have put a lot of work into getting our Newsletter viable and newsworthy. I also thank Inari Thiel for I think 6 years as our Editor. Her contributions was valuable and the Newsletters always of interest. I have cleaned out filing cabinets and boxed up all that I think is worthy to hand over to our incoming President Shirley Horrigan. As well as the Banner.

I am overwhelmed with the response to the ballot paper we included in the last Newsletter. The 300+ replies indicate that Lutheran Women does have members who want to continue in this organisation. I congratulate the new Executive we have formed and welcome the new members Colette and Lyn. I trust your time on this committee will be rewarding and enjoyable and you are challenged with keeping LWQ viable. A big thank you to our Nominations Committee for the work in recruitment and especially to Lois Schultz who received all that extra mail during the Christmas period.

There has been a couple of issues that have come up since the last meeting and all dealt with via quick responses emails. One outstanding issue I leave to incoming Exec is the matter of the WEB page and host requirements. Also the matter of Lutheran Women being slated as providing the next President of World Day of Prayer. Esther Jones has sent a request to the LCAQD Office to deal with this as we do not see it as a specific role for LWQ. Esther is happy to continue to be on the WD of P committee.

I will miss my involvement in LWQ Exec as it has been a major part of my life these past 8 years as President. 6 yrs. as Vice Pres. and 5 yrs. as Zone Pres. I have been blessed with a life style and husband who have made my attendance at the many functions and retreats etc. a pleasure. What am I going to do now??? Covid could be a problem but I am leaving from this meeting to make my way to Victoria to attend the Barefoot Water Ski Nationals they my family a heavily committed to and then joining another couple to travel in the high country. We are travelling in our 4WD with slide on camper and much to my chargin the motor home will be nicely parked up in the shed at home. Maybe the motor home can come into use as we travel to Horsham later in the year for LWA Convention.

May you know the peace that comes from our Lord Jesus……. Retiring President – Karen Bryce.

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