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Darling Downs Zone Rally Report 2022

Lutheran Women of the Darling Downs met for their annual Rally in the lovely country setting at Glencoe.

Part of the theme display.

President Val Kath welcomed 58 ladies, 7 visitors and 4 pastors to the half-day rally hosted by Bethlehem, Glencoe and St John’s Wilsonton and held at Glencoe. The Theme was “Give Thanks in All Circumstances” (1Thessalonians 5v18.) Power Point slides displayed the banner and were used effectively throughout the morning with many slides showing various aspects of life for which people give thanks as well as providing key points from the Bible Study conducted by Pastor Faggotter and the talk about GIVIT.

The morning began with prayer and a song “Glencoe Gives Glory” with words written by Avalon Hall.  This was a brief history lesson on the congregational life over the past 142 years.  The opening hymn was ‘Be Still for the Presence of the Lord’. Appointments for the day were Hazel Weis and Joy Wurst doing secretarial duties and Lenore Wissemann as reporter.

Pastor Nathan Glover

Second Assistant Bishop, Pastor Nathan Glover read Bishop Mark Vainikka’s report and commented on various happenings within the district. Bishop Mark reminded us that God works for our good at all times and many life activities are acts of faith in the resurrection. Synod will be held locally in June at Highfields.  There is a potential restructure of church departments to fit with prescribed governance changes as required by the government.

Pastor Peter Faggotter’s Bible Study continued with the Giving Thanks theme. He even tried to give away a $20 note if someone would do 20pushups (there were no takers) and a Lindt chocolate but people were wary as to what conditions were needed to get these gifts. God did not impose conditions when he sent his Son. God’s intimate and loving relationships show how much he loves us and we need to give thanks in all circumstance. The most important thing we all have is Life. Pastor cited how St Paul gave thanks no matter what his experiences were. Various other texts gave examples of giving thanks.  God knows more than we do and our thanks should be heartfelt.  Counting blessings is a way to demonstrate our gratitude.  He concluded with a prayer of thanks for all blessings.

“Count Your Blessings” was the very apt offering song.  $704 is to be split equally between Mary and Martha’s and GIVIT women’s work section.

Minutes and reports had previously been circulated and these were adopted. There are now 14 Fellowships with 167 financial members in the Zone. Shirley Horrigan (President of LWQ) read a brief report.  The Memorial Hymn of “Ashes” was sung.

Guest Speaker Nicole Kilah with Tommy

Guest Speaker was Nicole Kilah who was accompanied by Assistance Dog in Training Tommy, a Labrador whose training is done by women inmates at the prison near Gatton.   Nic spoke about the charity GIVIT which was started by Juliet Wright – a charity for charities.  It is an on-line non-profit organisation with no material warehouses but accepts on line donations of goods, time and money.  Clients have to be registered with a charity that assesses what items are needed.  It could be things like work boots, electrical goods, clothing or toys. Besides working with state governments GIVIT is involved with help in domestic violence situations and indigenous communities. Nic quoted 276 items were needed with a 20km radius of Toowoomba.  Running costs for GIVIT are met by sponsors and partners like Road Boss Rally so 100% of donations go to clients. She explained how to donate via the website….  Cheryl Peters presented Nic with a basket of fruit as a thank you.

Lutheran Drought Aid was adopted as a two year Zone Project. Crows Nest will host Zone Fellowship day. Support for Lae Seminary in PNG for an English tutor at academic level was sought.

Darling Downs Executive: President:- Val Kath, Vice Presidents:- Jenny Stollznow & Cheryl  Peters, Secretary:- Hazel Wise, Treasurer:- Avalon Hall, Extra Members:- Cheryl Vonhoff, Beth Toomey, Joy Wurst, Gloria Hamilton, Zone Councillor:- Pastor  Mark Demmer

All positions on the Management Committee have been filled. Pastor Mark Demmer presided over the Rite of Installation for the ladies.  Margaret Schelberg moved the Vote of Thanks – again reminding us to be thankful to God for his blessings and all involved in the successful organisation of the day.

Closing Devotion and prayer was led by Pastor Demmer who spoke of the uniqueness of a Christian life with joy in sorrow and God’s love shining through everything.  The Hymn “Give Thanks” was sung. After the Benediction we sang a special grace with words by Avalon and finished the day with a reprise of “Glencoe Gives Glory”.

The shortened format was appreciated by all. Self-catering also worked well. Ladies then enjoyed lunch and chat to end a great day of fellowship.

Lenore Wissemann Reporter –   (Edited by Lois Schultz)

Extra photographs from the day:

Glencoe Church and the DD Executive
Val Kath and Nic Kilah


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