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Rally hosts St. Paul’s Nundah – Venue St. Paul’s Nundah.

Theme : “Passing on our Faith” Zone President Ruth Geitz welcomed 48 attendance.

Hymn no 903 “Tell out my soul” in keeping with our theme was sung with enthusiasm.

Opening Devotion by Pastor Joshua Pfeiffer. Based on Psalm 145 – Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. Lots of things to pass on – Traditions and Rituals which are different in each family. Sometimes not easy to do. In 2 Timothy, Paul wrote to Timothy about the faith being passed from Grandmother Lois to Mother Eunice and reminded him to fan the flame the gift of God. We must not focus on ourselves but on God. Encourage people – Look what God has done for me. We as Mothers and Grandmothers have a very important role to play. We must be a church who serves others. Show His love serving your Lord through Lutheran Women and the Church.


Ruth Geitz presented her report encouraging all Fellowships of the Zone to continue in their faithfull service. Treasurer Desley Logan reported a Credit Bal of $3,100.70. The offering for the day $618.50 was given to the guest speaker for the work of Lutheran Youth of Qld. The Zone Project for 2016 is: “Zion Lutheran Aged Care Centre”, Nundah.

L.W.Q. President Karen Bryce reported on the new venue with single rooms for Qld Retreat -Theme “Gifted”. Encouraging to see lots of first time retreaters. Holding and raising our hands as we sang “One Family” at the end of worship. 103 attended. Offering of $2,100 to A.L.W.S. Sudan appeal.

$650.00 each was given to 4 Bursary Recipients.

We are saddened to hear of closure of fellowships and she encouraged women in small groups to continue to have Bible Study and fellowship – no need for formal committee. We value every member.

Karen encouraged everyone to attend L.W.A. Convention on 28/29 September at Redeemer Rochedale.

L.C.A.Q.D. Bishop Noel Noack encouraged everyone to continue to uphold in prayer and support the disaster and relief fund as after floods and cyclones and the damage they cause to lives. People find it hard and sometimes takes a long time to get their life back on track.

We are encouraged to welcome multi-cultural people who come here to work, school or live. We need to be a church reaching out and engaging so they can live here with hope and respect. The Catechism translated into Mandarin supported by the Lutheran Church and taken into China will out-shine how we use it here. In Christ we are one family.

GUEST SPEAKER Alan Glover, Director of L.Y.Q. stressed that we give hope for children that they will have a faith in God. 1. Faith at home – family is the key. 2. Worship that connects – Church is the most important. 3. Intergenerational. 4. Peer Community 5. Discipleship – Have they been taught how to pray. 6. Transitional support – at home – university as they face faith challenges. 7. Public faith.

Has our Church given them a faith they can stand on to defend their faith.

In a large church young people can easily be overlooked. He challenged us to go up to young people and have a conversation.

L.W.Q. support Christian Life Week. Peer connections at camp. Tom Schmidt supporting young adults giving free meals and connecting young adults who come to the city of Brisbane. He stressed that family devotions in the home are most important. Be a church who serves others, show not ourselves but His love to others. Serving your Lord through Lutheran Women, in the church.


Office bearers elected were Ruth Geitz -President. Judith Smyth Secretary – Desley Logan Treasurer.

Vice presidents Lyn Klinge & Narelle Jefferd. Extra members June McNeill and Lorraine Stiller. Pastor Joshua Pfeiffer installed the office bearers for 2015 with the words of Psalm 145: 4. One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts. Committing to the next generation passing on the faith. Paul says the Spirit works in mysterious ways, trust in God, for

God gives the growth. Pastor Joshua closed with these words ‘Piggy back’ the names of your loved ones to church – pray and let the Spirit work faith in their hearts.

The closing hymn “Make me a channel of your peace was sung.”

Fellowship Day Tuesday 8th Sept. 2015 will be held at St. Pauls Caboolture.


Pam Flesser

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