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Lutheran Women Queensland Darling Downs Zone Rally 2019

 “It only takes a spark” was the Theme of LWQ Darling Downs Rally held on Saturday 4th May 15, 2019 Hosted by Goombungee/Kulpi/Maclagan Women’s Fellowship at Goombungee.

Welcomed by Cheryl Peters, Maclagan President & Parish & Goombungee Congregation Chairman Ron Rosenberger gave a brief history of 130 years the parish has been established.  DDZone President Meryl Rosenberger also welcomed members, Pastors & visitors ( 57) altogether.

The Darling Downs Executive (Left to right)
Joy Wurst, Cheryl Billiau, Meryl Rosenberger, Heather Petersen, Avalon Hall, Val Kath
Pastor Robin Hoffmann behind.

The church and foyer was decorated with the cross, flames, floral arrangements from members gardens, & decorated butterfly’s from Easter.

Theme display

Opening Devotion led by Pastor Robin Hoffmann spoke about the importance of fire in our lives.  There are 834 uses of fire in the scriptures.  Through  sacrifices, cooking, purification & Pentecost.

Bible Study for the morning was led by Pastor Joel Pukallus based on 2 Corinthians Ch 1 vs 3-4  Apostle Paul’s letter  to Corinth was to comfort those in any trouble with the comfort of the Holy Spirit. The meanings of Comfort are one who is called to stand beside someone, a counselor, an advocate not only as moral support but also as legal support.  We are asked to encourage someone with positive things not once but up to 8 times.  We are able to Comfort, because of our Comforter (God).

Sophie Volp a young Christian Artist shared a couple of her original songs played on guitar “Weapons of Faith”, “ I’m Safe”,  and a rendition of  “I can’t help falling in love with you”.

Pastor Joel Pukallus

Guest Speaker Pastor Joel Pukallus (Goombungee Parish) arrived in full dress uniform of QFER Chaplain Auxiliary Fire fighter.  His journey began 6 years ago to find a way in the community to help.  At that time there was no chaplain in the Rural Command, but he needed to walk the walk first, so he joined the Rural Fire Brigade.  A Chaplain needs the time & skills to talk to people, non Christians, other beliefs, as we are still here to help them even though they don’t believe.

Joel spent 80 hours of training to be a Auxiliary Firefighter, a 52 step process, train on weekends, structure fires only to save a life, flood rescue, & road crass rescues. Joel is a full time Pastor, Part time Auxiliary Firefighter in Goombungee where he is 5 mins from the fire station when the pager goes off. Two or more firefighters are needed, to attend emergencies.  Joel is the only Lutheran Chaplain in the QFES.  Recently he was sent to Eungella Ranges and Finch Hatten North Queensland bush fires and recalls the scorched rainforests, the fire damage. He spent 2 days driving around talking  and caring with the community.  Joel’s role in our community can be a Pastor, firefighter and Chaplain to the same family in days.  We are called to bring Light into Dark places.

Pastor Robin Hoffmann closed with Devotion  and was presented with gift as he is retiring as Spiritual advisor to the DDZone committee.

Light showers during the day did not dampen the Spark that was lit in our hearts.

Dianne Brown

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